I started this website in 2008 in order to help people find their way around Amsterdam red light district. Previously there was no accurate map which included the famous red light windows so I decided to create the first. Being a regular visitor myself I was able to accurately compile the map and also take many photos. It seemed logical to combine the two and I created my unique interactive map with links to photos of every location shown on the map.
I then went to other areas, cities and countries doing the same thing. Because I was still spending a lot of time in Amsterdam though I decided to cover hotels, coffeeshops and restaurants in and around the main red light district. 
At all times I have kept the site family friendly and respectful of the people who work in these areas. The last thing I wanted to create was yet another adult website about Amsterdam filled with annoying pop-ups, adult ads and vulgarity. I also didn't want to create a moralising site telling consenting adults what they should or shouldn't be doing.
If you have any questions please use the contact link.

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